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My father was a man of many legacies. From a Veteran to a film producer, a fox hunter to an avid sailor, even an author and finally, the head of our natural gas company. He left his mark on many aspects of life and touched countless lives. I happen to know, however, that in his later years, this company was what he found the most joy in. He took great pride in bettering this place, both for the benefit of our customers and our employees. When he first started working here in the early 80's as a well-tender, there were a total of a few wells and roughly 200 customers. Years later, when he came back to work again to fill his father's roll in 2010 - the companies had grown to about 75 natural gas wells and over 600 customers. In a relatively short time, Stirlin helped nearly double the size of our companies and customers totaling our current gas wells to 100 and serving over 800 customers. He was a man born to lead, and he considered everyone he worked with here his family- which made him a man easy to follow, too.

Stirlin's passion for film first drew him away from the gas business and into the movie industry. But it was his love for people, and his family here, that brought him back and made him stay. In a recent letter from one of my father's friends it read: "...It reminds me of his huge heart, which was as big as the ocean he loved." Indeed it was. And it showed.

I remember coming to the company with both my father and grandfather when I was still just a child. Little did I know then that I, too, would end up working here decades later. As a university student, during my summer breaks, I worked part-time as a well-tender making the commute in with Dad. I have fond memories of our long drives in together. In recent years, I found myself working more closely with him and learning by his side. I am proud to be able to continue my father's work, and I think he would be proud too, knowing that all of us here at Alden Aurora and Reserve Gas are working hard everyday to keep his legacy alive.

Sean Q. Harris, Chief Executive Officer
My father, Stirlin Harris, was the son of Edward Harris who purchased   majority-ownership of our two companies, Alden Aurora and Reserve Gas, in 1964. Two years later, Stirlin was drafted and joined the Navy. After his friend was killed in the Vietnam war, he volunteered to join the fight and served as a Boatswain's Mate on PCF boats in Cua Viet. During that time, he made a promise to himself that if he survived the war; rather than follow in his father's and great grandfather's footsteps and become a lawyer, he would instead pursue his dream to become a filmmaker. When he did make it back from Vietnam, he worked in film for many years - traveling the world and producing movies. Then, in his mid 40's, he started working at Reserve Gas and soon became vice president. After about 4 years serving under the president, he again grew eager to restart his career in film. He became the owner and CEO of Dreams Come True Productions and produced dozens of movies including ones he shot in Russia and even underwater films. However, he was most known for his later children's videos such as I Dig Dirt, The Little Horse That Could and The Blue Angels in Pursuit of Excellence. Then in 2010, he was drawn back to our gas companies again. He took on a full-time position here, where he continued to work until just days before he passed.