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Turn-On Procedures

We've made it as simple as possible to establish natural gas service with Reserve Gas Company, Inc. Applying for gas service can usually be made without a personal visit to our office. Simply print out our Service Application (click on link below) and mail it to our office, at least one week, before your desired service date. If pipeline service is already in place at the address where you are applying for service, we’ll set up your new account and arrange a time during our regular business hours to to get a reading and initiate your gas service. Please remember that a member of the household, 18 years of age or older, is required to be present at the time of turn-on.

If you are requesting new service at a location without existing pipeline service, a Service Application must be filled out before we are able to write-up an estimate (taking into consideration any special requests you may have). Applications involving an extension to our mainline may take longer to process because of right-of-ways and municipal approvals needed, which can take extra time. If there are any costs associated with the new installations, we require half of the estimate to be paid up front and remaining balance once job is completed.

Commercial Service Application

Residential Service Application

Shut-Off Procedures

We've also made it very simple for you to disconnect service. If you are moving or discontinuing your service, simply print out our Shut Off Form (click on the link below) and mail it to our office, at least one week, before moving or discontinuing your service. We must obtain a meter reading in order to issue a final bill. Keep in mind; service will continue in your name and you will be responsible for all gas used until service has been shut-off. Also, service can only be shut-off by customer listed on account, which is shown on your bill. Reminder, if you are a landlord it is your responsibility to notify our office when a tenant moves in or vacates. This also gives you the opportunity to avoid a lapse in service.

Reserve Gas Shut Off Form

Safety Notice

The service that Reserve Gas provides makes it necessary for our field crew to visit customers' homes and businesses on a regular basis. For your safety, all Reserve Gas representatives carry a photo identification card. If the card is not clipped on their clothing for easy viewing, ask to see it. If the representative displays proper ID, please let him/her complete the job. If you are suspicious or have questions, contact us immediately at (716) 937-9484. If you feel there might be a problem, call your local police.

Please take note of how you can help prevent your dog from injuring one of our workers: 

 •Relocate your dog. When a Reserve Gas meter reader or customer service representative comes to your home, keep your dog(s) away from the utility representative in a separate, enclosed area.
•Train your dog. Regardless of its size or breed, any dog can become motivated to bite. Obedience training helps dogs understand what is expected of them and builds a bond of trust between dogs and their owners.
•No petting allowed. A dog's natural instinct is to protect its owner and/or its litter. Do not suggest that a meter reader or customer service representative pet your dog(s).
•Watch your distance. If you keep your dog outside, please locate its lead a safe distance away from the gas meter.

You are legally responsible for your dog's actions both on and off of your premises. Please take care with handling and locating your dog(s), so our representatives can safely complete their important work.

(716) 937-9484

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