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Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund


The Neighbor for Neighbor Heat Fund is a home-heating assistance grant program that provides assistance to elderly and disabled Western New Yorkers to help pay for energy-related expenses. This fund was established by National Fuel in 1983 and has offered grants totaling nearly $4.5 million for nearly 16,000 persons. Applicants for the Neighbor for Neighbor fund must reside in National Fuel’s service territory, however, they are not required to be a National Fuel customer. This means that, as a Reserve Gas Company, Inc. customer, you may still apply for this grant.

Qualifying Western New Yorkers may receive a one-time grant of up to $400. In order to qualify for a grant, applicants must fall into at least one of the following classifications:

  • Be at least 55 years old
  • A member of their household must be handicapped or have a disability that reduces the Household's income
  • Have a certified medical emergency
  • Be receiving unemployment benefits

Applicants must have made at least four payments to their heating bills within a 12-month period from the date of application. Monthly income and expenses will be verified and grant applications are processed by administering agencies.

The fund provides grants that help people to:
  • Prevent disconnection of their utility service
  • Pay current or past due energy bills
  • Purchase home heating fuel of any kind

​Eligible families or individuals in need of payment assistance are encouraged to contact the following to find the nearest agency and determine the necessary documentation to bring to the application interview:

  • Catholic Charities at 716-856-4494 or 716-218-1400 (ask for Parish Outreach).
  • The Salvation Army at 716-883-9800, extension 230

(716) 937-9484

Payment Assistance Programs

We understand the unexpected sometimes happens, so we are here for you with programs to help keep your services up and running. Please contact us at (716) 937-9484 BEFORE your service is subject to shutoff. We will work with you to set up a payment plan or advise you of assistance agencies in your area.

Budget Billing Program

Our Budget Program helps you manage your bills by establishing an average monthly payment amount that spreads your energy costs evenly over 12 months. This does not reduce the cost of gas you use, but it can help you avoid higher seasonal bills. The deadline for enrollment is the last business day in June. Before registration can begin, your account must have a ZERO balance. Prior to enrollment, if necessary, you may contact our office to discuss available payment options in order to bring your account down to a ZERO balance. After we analyze your account, arrange a payment option, if necessary, a confirmation letter will be mailed to your residence. Once you receive a confirmation letter, please review, sign and return the bottom portion to our office before said deadline. Upon receipt, we will activate your account and disburse your first budgeted bill on July 11th, or prior business day, if said date falls on the weekend. IN  ORDER  TO  REMAIN  ON  THIS  PROGRAM,  MONTHLY,  ON  TIME PAYMENTS ARE MANDATORY. Once a payment is missed, you will receive our informational flyer to re-familiarize yourself with the Budget Program guidelines. If monthly payments are consistently missed, a letter of removal will be disbursed. If account becomes delinquent, a termination notice will be issued. For more information, please call our Accounts Receivable Department at (716) 937-9484.

Deferred Payment Agreement

Deferred Payment Agreements are specific arrangements, between the customer and Reserve Gas Company, Inc., which vary depending on your individual account status, made when your account has fallen in arrears. Once a Deferred Payment Agreement has been agreed upon, a Deferred Payment Agreement Reminder Letter will accompany your monthly bill. Along with a courtesy call, to remind you of said Deferred payment arrangements, your monthly bill will be stamped PA to represent you are currently on a Deferred Payment Agreement. If Payment Agreement Contract is broken, it may result in termination of service. If you are having difficulty paying your bill this may be an option to better manage your outstanding debt. We can not stress enough that your immediate communication with our accounting professionals will help to rectify the situation without the interruption of service. So please take a moment to contact our office if you are experiencing said hardships.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

HEAP is a federally funded program that provides heating benefits to supplement a household's annual energy cost. HEAP also provides emergency assistance for households in a heat or heat related energy emergency. Additionally, HEAP assists with furnace repairs and/or replacements for households with inoperable heating equipment.

HEAP may help you pay for Electricity, Propane, Natural Gas, Wood, Oil, Kerosene, Coal, or any other heating fuel.

HEAP Regular Benefit
The HEAP regular benefit component assists low-income New Yorkers with the cost of heating their homes.

Regular HEAP eligibility and benefits are based on income, the primary heating source and the presence of a household member who is under age 6, age 60 or older or permanently disabled. An eligible household may receive one regular HEAP benefit per program year. Regular benefits for households that pay directly for heat based on actual usage are paid directly to the vendor that supplies the household's primary source of heat. 

◦Your household may be eligible for a regular HEAP benefit if:
◦You and your household members are United State Citizens or qualified aliens and 
◦Your household's gross monthly income is at or below the current income guides for your household size as posted in the table below or 
◦You receive Food Stamps or 
◦You receive Temporary Assistance or 
◦You receive Code A Supplemental Security Income (SSI Living Alone)
Obtaining ServicePayment AssistantPublications

The 2021-2022 HEAP season is now OPEN.
To find information on HEAP, as the gross income for house hold size fluctuates each year, please click on the links below to find information...

For Regular HEAP Benefits:

For Emergency HEAP Benefits:

For Cooling Assistance Benefits:
How do I apply for the Regular HEAP Benefit?

All applicants can either apply by mail or in person. If your gas is off or you have a shut off notice, you should apply for the Regular HEAP Benefit in person.

Erie County Only - For a listing of Erie County HEAP outreach sites, please click here.

                              - HEAP for Seniors, please click here.

To download and print a HEAP Application, please click here.

If you received HEAP last year you will need to submit:
  • A completed and signed Application
  • Proof of earned income for the past four weeks
NOTE: Proof of unearned income (SSD, Social Security, Worker's Comp., etc.) is not required. If you are receiving ​Temporary Assistance (TA) or Food Stamps (FS), you do not need to apply for HEAP. Your HEAP Benefit will be applied to your heating bill automatically. However, if your gas is off or you have a shut off notice, you should call or visit your county's HEAP office.

If you did not receive HEAP last year you will need to submit:
  • A completed and signed application
  • proof of earned income for the past four weeks
  • Proof of unearned income
  • Proof of each household member's identity (one of the following for each member: birth certificate, social security card, driver's license, marriage certificate, school records, or baptismal certificate)
  • A valid Social Security Number for each household member
  • A utility bill if you pay for heat or proof that you pay rent which includes heat
  • Proof of residence (one of the following: utility bill, homeowners insurance policy, deed, tax bill, or current rent receipt with name and address of tenant and landlord or lease with name and address)
  • Proof of vulnerability, if applicable

NOTE: A phone interview may be required if you do not apply in person. Be sure to provide a working phone number for the county to reach you.

HEAP eligibility is determined using the last four weeks of your gross household income. Customers who are unemployed or seasonally employed may also be eligible for HEAP to reduce the amount of their heating bills.​

Additional information from New York State on HEAP can be found here
Genesee County HEAP Office
Genesee County Dept. of Social Services
5130 East Main Street, Suite 3
Batavia, NY 14020
(585) 344-2580 ext. 6524
Erie County HEAP Office
Erie County Dept. of Social Services
460 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 858-7644

Erie County Dept. of Senior Services
291 Pearl Street: 1st Floor
Buffalo NY 14202
Additional Public Assistance Programs:
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