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Alden Aurora Gas Company, Inc. (Alden Aurora) was established and incorporated in 1924 and was originally involved with all aspects of natural gas; drilling, producing and marketing (direct sales) of natural gas to the public. When Reserve Gas was formed back in 1937, Alden Aurora began to mainly focus on the drilling and production end of the business. Up until 1982, Alden Aurora was still running some of its own rigs to drill natural gas wells into the Medina  Sandstone  formation  in  the  Western  New  York  region. Since that time  we  have sub-contracted all of this work out to local drillers to avoid the cost of maintaining equipment and personnel necessary to run the drill rigs. Currently, Alden Aurora is a small natural gas drilling and production company. We are one of the oldest production companies in the United States and have drilled ​​hundreds of natural gas wells in the Western New York region over the last 85 years.

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Around 1937, the State of New York required all companies engaged in the direct sale of natural gas to the public to come under New York State regulations. This was with regards to the safety, reliability and pricing of natural gas for direct sales to the NYS buying public. At the same time, the owners and directors of Alden Aurora Gas Company, Inc. (Alden Aurora) formed a new corporation, Reserve Gas Company, Inc. (Reserve Gas), with the expressed intent to be the marketing (utility) arm for the gas they drilled and produced in Alden Aurora. Thus, Reserve Gas was formed and franchises obtained to fall under the newly created New York State Public Service Commission.

Reserve Gas is a regulated New York State Public Utility, which was established and incorporated in 1937, with franchises to operate in the Towns of Bennington, Clarence, Darien, Lancaster, Newstead and the Town and Village of Alden. Since its inception, Reserve Gas has had some of the cheapest natural gas rates in the State of New York. We can continue to offer these lower rates by providing a competitive Adjusted Gas Cost. Currently, we have approximately 850 Commercial and Residential customers and we continue to grow, with the addition of 10 to 20 new accounts per year.