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Well, where do we begin. 2021 began just as 2020 had left off. Much of the country was still in turmoil, dealing with the lasting effects of the Covid-19 virus. Many places were struggling due to State imposed restrictions. We here at Reserve Gas Company Inc. started the year as many of you did. We had high hopes for the new year and what it would bring. Unfortunately, Covid-19 had other ideas. Our company was briefly shut down in the beginning of the year thanks to the virus, but due to our diligence to sticking to our safety protocols we were all able to get back to work quickly.  

As spring settled in, we decided to come up with and implement a construction plan that would see us install multiple mainline extensions and add on many new services. This plan would also have us make improvements and repairs to the existing system, to better serve our customers. Our first endeavor was a mainline extension which took place on Bell Road in Darien, to allow for gas service to a new home. We consistently try to make our system as accessible as possible, to service as many new customers as we can.

We spent the summer months continuing to add more services while at the same time maintaining our numerous gas wells and their surrounding areas. Many sweat hours of weed whacking, brush hogging, chain sawing, and painting took place to make things look presentable and help with longevity of the system. One of our greatest achievements during these months was our ability to complete over 200-meter changes across the entire system. This required a large amount of teamwork to perform all the necessary scheduling and completion of this task. We would like to thank all our customers involved for the cooperation they provided in making it go as smooth as possible.

During the fall, we started our next big adventure which was to add two extensions of the main line. One took place on Sullivan Road, and one was on Dersam Road which allowed us to expand our reach into Wyoming County. This is just the first step as there is much more work ahead to get the extension online and begin hooking up new customers. These services will take place during spring 2022. We are excited to be able to give the residents on Dersam Road a cost savings option to their existing propane, electric, and heating oil.

When the thermometer began to dip and winter arrived, it was our sign to transition from construction to preservation of the system. The cold temps and increased natural gas demand put a strain on our system, but with the hard work and commitment of our loyal staff we kept it going every day. Our crew goes out in all conditions so that there is never an interruption to a customer’s service. Our crew is small , but by sticking together we were able to achieve our goals.

The year may not have started in the manner that we wanted, but, in the end, we were successful in accomplishing what we had set out to do. The world is still dealing with many issues near and far, but we choose to stay positive and hopeful that 2022 will bring great things for all. Thank you to all our loyal employees and customers. Here’s to a great upcoming year.  

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