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Looking Back on 2018...

​2018 was an unforgettable year of both loss and gain for our company. The passing of my father, Stirlin Harris, weighed heavily on all of our hearts. Stirlin was without a doubt the best thing that ever happened to our company and its employees. If not for his actions and leadership, I suspect our company would be no more. While my father may have passed, his spirit and memory lives on in all of us here at the company. When you visit you may notice a gas lamp that our employees erected in his honor. It stands just outside his office door and burns 24/7 representing his ‘eternal flame.’ Always reminding us of his wonderful soul.

We also said goodbye to two of our younger employees. Dylan Keem, who has chosen to move out of state and begin a new chapter in his life and Mark Moyer who also chose to move out of state and start some new adventures with his wife.  They will be greatly missed and we wish them both the very best. This past year was not all good-byes, however. We were excited to welcome four new employees to our growing company!  Dylan Riddoch, Tom Graves, Jenna Bordonaro and Matt Marle have joined us and have been a wonderful addition to our family. The four of them have excelled at their jobs and are learning quicker than anyone had anticipated. Last but not least, we also celebrated General Manager Steven Beach’s 30th year at Reserve Gas. Mr. Beach’s commitment to our company is a true testament to his character. He is a bold example of loyalty, discipline and hard work. We are grateful to have someone as knowledgeable and dedicated as he is and we welcome him for many more years to come.

We finished off the year by adding 22 wells and 26 new customers to our system. Our company now totals to 100 natural gas wells and 827 customers stretching across three counties. We are grateful to all of our customers and will strive to continue supplying one of the cheapest forms of energy for years to come.

Sean Q. Harris, CEO