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Looking Back On 2013...

How many companies today can say they have celebrated a loyal employees 25th anniversary? We here at Reserve Gas felt that it was a pretty big deal and wanted our Field Supervisor, Steve Beach, to know that we genuinely appreciate him being with us for a quarter of a century. Both our customers and our company benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience with our gas distribution system. Inevitably, with over 75 years of growth and development, there is a myriad of things to know and understand about how lines were added and then subsequently replaced, which we now have about 95% accomplished.

While it is probably unrealistic to hope for another 25 years from Steve, we do look forward to him staying with us for a good long time, with retirement still way over the horizon.
We continued on our goal to replace all original, bare steel lines with plastic and replaced sections of main lines with 3” plastic and well gathering lines ranging down to 1.25” plastic. A number of our gas wells were updated in an effort to have them keep producing, which some now have for over 70 years!

We added six new customers and replaced eight homes’ steel service connections.

The Public Service Commission requires that we replace meters every 7 years and we changed out a little over 100 this year, which requires coordinating with and accommodating our residential customers as the process necessitates shutting off their gas and then usually requires pilot relights.

We replaced 485 feet of mains on Sullivan Road utilizing horizontal drilling techniques, thus avoiding digging through any driveways, gardens or lawns. We employed this same method in crossing both Sullivan and Nice Roads, allowing traffic to flow unimpeded. 

Employees were sent to Special Gas Schools where they learned both the basic physics of how gas behaves at pressure and temperature along with seeing and learning about the latest developments in technology and tools needed to deliver natural gas to our customers.

Ongoing throughout this and every year are the many safety inspections mandated by the PSC, which are carried out and documented. Next year we have plans to begin adding new mains which will enable home owners to see a 75% reduction in their heating bills.