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Looking Back On 2014...

Two of our part time employees, Keith Baran and Sean Harris, have moved on in their careers, though Sean, our president’s son, is expected back in the future.

Keith worked for us for four years while being a student at the University of Buffalo and now as part of his curriculum, has a summer internship at a local company utilizing his computer skills. He was a most valued employee and picked up on the intricacies of our business in a comparatively shorter period of time than most of us who work at AA and Reserve. We miss his competence and wish him well on the career we knew he was headed toward.

Sean also worked part-time for a little over a year and has started to understand all that is involved in providing natural gas to our customers. Sean graduated one year ago from Stony Brook University, located on Long Island, with a major in Asian-American studies and a minor in Philosophy. He has been substitute teaching (almost daily) at his Alma mater, Geneseo Central School and in early August departs to take part in The Japan Teaching and Exchange Program (JET) where he will teach English at a school in Goshogawara-shi, at the northern tip of Japan’s main island for at least a year. We look forward to his return after this exciting opportunity.
Sean Harris
Well Tender
* 2 Years of Part Time Service *
Keith Baran
Well Tender
* 4 Years of Part Time Service *
This summer is proving to be a busy one for the staff on many fronts: In the office, per a directive from the Public Service Commission, we are in the beginning stages of implementing a new billing system that will allow us to account for our three tier billing structure (the more you use, the less you pay per MCF) and you will see a new looking bill that will be very easy to understand.

In the field our crew is actively laying extensions to our mains; On Sullivan Road we added 1,250’ of 3” plastic and three new customers who have already expressed pleasure at being on natural gas and are appreciative of the attention we paid to making it look like we were never there digging and laying a line. We intend to continue down County Line, but currently we are on Fargo Road extending our main. We are undertaking these expansions at the request of homeowners who want to enjoy the considerable savings of being hooked into natural gas. The savings over propane or oil are significant: In the 70% range!

Our field crew also annually takes on replacing a section of old, sometimes original line and have upgraded over 90% of our system. This year we will continue replacing a 2,640 foot section before the snow flies.

If you are interested in obtaining natural gas, don’t hesitate to give us a call.