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On Friday, June 20, 2014...

Alden Aurora Gas Company, Inc. was established and incorporated in 1924 and was originally involved with all aspects of natural gas; drilling, producing and marketing (direct sales) of natural gas to the public. When Reserve Gas was formed back in 1937, Alden Aurora began to mainly focus on the drilling and the production end of the business. Alden Aurora is one of the oldest production companies in the United States and has drilled hundreds of natural gas wells in the region over the past 88 years.

Reserve Gas is a regulated New York State Public Utility, which was established and incorporated in 1937 with franchises to operate in the Towns of Clarence, Darien, Lancaster, Newstead and the Town and Village of Alden. Since its inception, Reserve Gas has had some of the cheapest natural gas rates in the State of New York. 

A majority interest was bought in the two companies by Edward Harris, Esq. in 1964 and has been in that family ever since. “It is only fitting that since our two companies are presently owned by 6 women and one man, that they are now also run by a woman, our new president, Challis Cox,” commented Stirlin Harris as he stepped down from being the president. “And,” he added, “I confidently expect that Challis will prove to be the best president we've had since our family took prime ownership and I say this being well aware that I’m on the list of former presidents.”
The Alden Aurora and Reserve Gas Companies, located in Alden, have promoted Challis Cox from Vice President to President of both companies. CEO and former president, Stirlin Harris said, “It is definitely time that we recognize and reward Ms. Cox’s leadership abilities and all that she continues to do to advance both of our companies.” Ms. Cox has been with the companies for the past 12 years as Comptroller and Vice President.