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To say that 2020 was hard on all of us is an understatement. A year where everyone around the country started with high hopes and dreams, but unfortunately ended with many having been negatively effected by Covid-19. 

When March 2020 came around, we here at Reserve Gas Company, Inc. were planning big things, such as extensions and customer growth. Ultimately, when everything shut down our plans went with it. We did our very best, operating on a skeleton size of just two office staff and two field crew members, to maintain the system and provide natural gas to all of our loyal customers. At the time, we all thought it would be for a short period, but we were soon realizing that we were wrong. It was not always easy, but by having each other’s backs we were able to succeed.

Our company continued to operate this way until June of 2020, at which time we welcomed back the remainder of our crew. Everyone dove back in to get things on track and picked right up where we had left off. Work began by implementing new safety policies to protect our staff and you, our customers. Things such as wearing of masks in public places as well as increased cleaning regimen of our trucks and office building. We have always prioritized safety as number one when it came to public interaction. Reserve Gas was able to complete the rest of the year without shutdown due to the diligence of our staff.

During this trying year we were still able to add twelve new customers to our system and replace some sections of old steel further increasing the safety of our system. In August of 2020, we added a new employee to our ranks. A young man by the name of Evan MacPeek joined us. He is a rookie to our field but is ready and eager to learn.

As we look forward to 2021, we will do as we have always done. We will think positive and try and come up with new and exciting ways to improve our business for you and the surrounding community. We want to thank all our customers for being patient and understanding during this entire time.  

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