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Looking Back on 2014...

This past year was a good one for our two companies, especially our utility, Reserve Gas. Steve Beach, along with Doug Hale and Ed Swimline added extensions to our mains, adding a total of 18 new customers. On Sullivan Road we went out 1,250 feet enabling three new customers to switch from either oil or propane to our money saving natural gas. On Fargo we went 4,523 feet with eight customers added. And on Bell Road we added 822 feet of main and two new customers, while on Countyline a 661 foot extension allowed us to hook up three more new customers. We also added two more customers to our existing mains.

My own home is located far from any natural gas lines and so we heat with propane. I think I have one of the better propane deals available and am locked in at price of $1.99 per gallon. It takes about 11 gallons of propane to provide the same energy that comes from 1 MCF (1,000 cubic feet) of natural gas. Last year our Reserve Gas customers paid an average of $8.93/MCF while I pay about $22.00 for the same amount of energy! Ouch.

Public Service law mandates that potential new customers have to share in the cost of our main line extensions but even with these temporary costs added to their first bills, customers immediately pay less per month than if they remained on propane or oil. Once the main line extension is paid off, usually within six months, the savings become wonderfully astronomical.

We are presently planning for continuing our expansions which will begin again when the weather permits.

Stirlin Harris, CEO